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Interview with Lemon Dear

21 Oct

Yesterday I had the honor of being featured in a an interview on the blog of the lovely Lemon Dear. She asked me some great questions and the layout looks fab. Click the screenshot below to check it out!


Featured Product Sale: Tall Guadua Candleholder

16 Jul

20% off item price when you order today

After a few bag sales, it’s time to feature a bit of guadua, and where better to start than at the beginning? In fact, this one will go down in history as my first guadua creation outside of the course. The design can be recreated with pink or green highlights, in different heights or in more natural shades, with thinner or fatter legs. It’s made to order so you can customize your heart out.

It’s all guadua with a tad bit of colorful fique tied around the outside and finished off with a couple of pretty beads.

To take advantage of this one day sale – 20% off the item price of US$30 – just give me a shout at stephanie.sadler@hotmail.com or hop on over to the Etsy page to shop.

*candle not included.