My Colombian boyfriend’s grandmother made her living in rural Mogotes by crafting intricate sombreros from palm leaves. While none of the hats remain around the house today, the spirit of working with nature to make quality products certainly does.

When I came to Colombia in March 2011, I started to notice the way people work with the land. I learned about the process of turning a fique plant into a brightly colored handbag; I took a class that taught me to construct candleholders and jewelry boxes from a type of bamboo called guadua. And I met many, many local artisans who have back-rooms full of creative products in every form.

Some of them sell their products locally, but most don’t know the basics of business or they are too busy to pursue it as a career. Made in Mogotes was set up to expose the work of this small village internationally, to share the creativity of Colombians and the beauty of their country around the world. All of the products will be available to export. This may mean higher shipping costs, but the products are guaranteed to be unique, handmade and made with love.

Visit our new and growing Etsy shop.

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