Reduced Shipping, Facebook Discount and an Elephant Box

2 Sep

I arrived in Buffalo last week with a suitcase stuffed full of goodies for the shop. Guess what that means? Greatly reduced shipping costs on a lot of products! For example, a necklace that would have cost me $13 to ship from Colombia, I can now ship within the states for $2.

I’ll be in New York until January working on marketing, promotion and new products as well as developing ideas for handbags, jewelry and home décor to send back to the artisans in Mogotes. They’re still creating bags and guadua goodies while I’m away which they will photograph for me to post in the shop. So with their work and my new line of jewelry coming soon, you can expect a full shop make-over.

If you stumble on any awesome bags or jewelry that may be able to stimulate the creative juices of the artisans and you’d like to see in the shop, post a link in the comments.

In honor of September (It’s one of my favorite months), I’m offering all new Facebook fans during this month only 10% off their next purchase. So become a fan and I’ll send you the official coupon code.  To find us, go to

At the moment, I’m re-painting all of the travel texture series necklaces so the insides and backs will be a color rather than painted just white. Every day I’m photographing new pieces and adding them to the shop.

One of the latest is this pretty elephant box, which I love. It was a collaboration between two different artisans. Scoop it up if you like it before I decide to keep it!

One last thing – I updated the page on how fique is made (the material the bags in the shop are made from) with more photos if you’re interested.


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