A Fique Spooling Contest

12 Jul

One of the main materials the artisans at Made in Mogotes use is fique. If you haven’t seen the process, check out this page. About a week ago, as part of the Corpus festivities in Mogotes, a fique spooling contest was held.

This is where the fique is transferred from what looks like a long ponytail onto a spool that is sold in the shops. At this point, it is already washed and dyed. Some women prefer the older method of the wooden machine with the foot pump. Others use the newer machine that does the same thing in a different way.

The fique is hung from long pieces of guadua next to the machine to begin. Whoever spooled it quickest was the winner. Thought I’d share some photos so you can see where it all starts when the bags are made.

A few artisans waiting for the contest to kick off. 

The new version of the spooling machine.

Ready to work on the old machine. 

Spools on the new machine

This woman was pretty incredible to watch.
She is completely blind yet she participated in the contest and did a great job of it as well.
A lifetime of practice.

To see bags made from some of the fique artisans in this little village of Mogotes, Colombia, hop over to the Etsy shop.


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