New Products: Made in Guadua

4 Jul

We were excited to introduce our first guadua products to the Etsy shop. They were shown in an exhibition at the festivities in Mogotes this weekend. Here’s a few of my own contributions, but there’s a bunch more on the shop site and plenty more to come.

The first is my favorite. It’s a candle holder, wrapped in a fique bow with small beads on the end. Black with varnish and blue on the inside. The biggest challenge was making the bottom cross pieces because the guadua is quite strong to bend outward like this. I’m looking forward to making more in different heights, with different color accents. I’m working on green and pink now.

The next is a mug, but I like it as a pencil holder. I decided only to varnish this one rather than paint to show off the natural texture and marks in the guadua. You can put anything in it really – from beer to paintbrushes.

And the last, a line I plan to expand a lot, is this necklace. It’s a great use of scrap pieces that are too small for anything else. The hearts are decoupage from a napkin and the rest is hand-painted and varnished. Look for more jewelry pieces soon – more necklaces, bracelets and earrings.

And modeled by Wilfredo’s cousin Camila –

Have a look on Etsy for some more guadua pieces. Wilfredo has contributed vases, a candle holder, a wine cart and a cool little vase holder.


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